Pico Ruivo - Madeira Island

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Trail Running

Trail Running involves running on mountain and nature trails, in several settings, like dirt trails and roads, forest paths, single tracks, etc. Trail activities in Madeira are unparalleled due to this island’s particular and amazing paths and landscapes. The beauty and diversity of available routes are huge motivators for the practice of this activity in Madeira. When running on these trails you can feel the wind and forest aromas, hear birds chirping, and witness the force of the water that flows in Levadas, all in perfect balance with nature.

And best of all? You can practice trail running in Madeira all year long!

Three of the biggest trail / sporting events in Madeira go through Pico Ruivo, with Casa de Abrigo available as a checkpoint and aid station.

  • The MIUT® – Madeira Island Ultra Trail runs through the island from north-west to the south-east. Cross emblematic sites such as Porto Moniz, Encumeada, Fanal, Chão do Louros Forest Park, the highest peaks of the island, Pico Ruivo, Serra das Funduras and the Machico Valley. The longest race exceeds 100 km and is part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour.
  • The Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira takes place in the magnificent landscapes of Santana. This Marathon, whose course has sharp gradients, involves the passage through the diverse areas of Pico Ruivo, São Jorge, Ilha and Queimadas.
  • "Ultra Madeira" is a trail running event, which runs entirely on the island of Madeira and includes 4 events: ULTRA MADEIRA – 85 km e 3800 elevation, TRAIL 30K – 30 km e 1240 elevation, TRAIL 17K – 17 km e 250 elevation and Mini Trail – 8 km e 140 elevation.